University History

It was early 1987 that the first step for establishing a university in the city of Tafresh was taken by the university development council for  training professionals and researchers in order to enrich the necessary human resources in need of the society. It was May 1987 that the project was kicked off having Amir Kabir university as the executor.  In 1988 Tafresh university which at that time was a unit of Amir Kabir university, conducted its academic activities by admitting fifty three students in applied mathematics. With the permission of the development council for higher education, Tafresh university was  elevated to an independent university in 2005.

Tafresh university  has been founded to constitute four research centres and seventeen faculties with forty five  areas of concentration at undergraduate and graduate levels.  Presently out of the ten academic disciplines  that are taught in Tafresh university, two run as evening programs .  Tafresh university provides fifteen fields of study at the B.Sc. level, seventeen at the M.Sc. level, and two at the PhD level. However, the number of faculties and fields of study are due to increase, at the time being, Tafresh university has seventy full time academic members and twenty two hundred students. The aim is to elevate Tafresh university to one of the academic and cultural poles of the country, this is exactly possible by the will of the academic members, students, and all the employees of the university. This proves adequate for Tafresh university to provide a suitable environment for hosting more educational departments and research centres. This is the potential that both national and international researchers have always believed that the city of Tafresh and Tafresh university has .