About University

It was early 1987 that the first step for establishing a university in the city of Tafresh was taken by the university development council for  training professionals and researchers in order to enrich the necessary human resources in need of the country. Finally in May 1987 the construction of Tafresh university was initiated owing to the efforts spent by Dr Heydari, and Amir Kabir university was seleced as the executor.  In 1988 Tafresh university which at that time was a unit of AmirKabir university, conducted its academic activities by admitting fifty three students in applied mathematics.

With the permission of the development council for higher education, Tafresh university was  elevated to an independent university in 2005. Tafresh university  has been founded to constitute four research centres and seventeen faculties with forty five academic majors available at   undergraduate and graduate levels.  At the time being Tafresh university hosts twenty one hundred and thirty students in seven academic disciplines. In Tafresh university eighteen hundred and thirty four students study in fifteen academic majors at the B.Sc. level, two hundred and ninety four students study in seventeen academic majors at the M.Sc. level, and twelve PhD students study in two academic majors at the PhD level.  Due to the formulated development programme, the number of disciplines offered by Tafresh university shall increase.

Presently, Tafresh university has seventy full time academic staff members.

The Present faculties of the university

-         Faculty of Electrical engineering

-         Faculty of Industrial engineering

-         Faculty of Mechanical engineering

-         Faculty of Civil and Geodesy engineering

-         Faculty of Chemical engineering

-         Faculty pf Mathematics

-         Faculty of Physics

Academic majors at the B.Sc. level

-         Mechanical engineering – Mechanics of fluids and heat

-         Electrical engineering – Electronics

-         Electrical engineering – Control

-         Electrical engineering – Power

-         Civil engineering – Surveying

-         Civil engineering – Civil

-         Industrial engineering – Industrial technology

-         Chemical engineering

-         Mathematics – Pure

-         Mathematics – Applied

-         Mathematics  and its applications

-         Physics

Academic majors at the M.Sc. level

-         Civil engineering – Surveying – Photogrammetry

-         Civil engineering – Structure

-         Civil engineering -  Soil Mechanics and Foundation

-         Industrial engineering – Management systems

-         Industrial engineering – Industry

-         Electrical engineering – Electronics

-         Electrical engineering – Control

-         Electrical engineering – Power

-         Mechanical engineering – Manufacturing

-         Applied Mathematics – Numerical Analysis

-         Pure Mathematics – Geometry

-         Physics –  Fundamental Particles and Field theory

-         Physics – Nuclear

Academic fields at the PhD level

-         Electrical engineering - Control

-         Mathematics – Algebraic graph theory