Message of the chancellor

Universities and higher education institutions play an outstanding role in promoting scientific and cultural ambitions in societies before satisfying humans’ thirst for perfection and desire for discovering the truth & understanding the universe. Keeping in this line and gaining wisdom & knowledge has always been a duty for human beings. This duty has been even more highlighted by the Islamic faith which provides us a higher motive for taking the route to glory. This statement is supported by the words of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) who states that “the tax for science is its distribution”.  It is according to these teachings and beliefs that we believe our mission on education, research and training is worldwide and not bounded by geographical boarders, as such we pursue our scientific duties Tafresh University.

Tafresh University has provided a very impressive record for its first quarter of a century activities, due to the fact that it is listed among the top universities of Iran issued by different ranking organizations based on various assessments and evaluations. This is also reflected in the number of outstanding students graduated Tafresh University. As a matter of fact this has made Tafresh University a better university. Tafresh University owes its credit to its highly qualified academic staff members together with facilities provided for education, research, sports, welfare and other services.

A pleasant and quiet natural environment, highly ambitious young academic staff, and special residential conditions at university campus, have provided a good relationship between faculty members and students based on mutual respect. This enables students besides their academic studies to learn how to be part of a whole. This is in a sense that by living together they learn how to respect each other and practice the art of social behavior which leads to the elevation of their community spirit.

I welcome all academic members, students, and employees  who have chosen Tafresh University for performing scientific research together with teaching, academic education, and work. I hope we could provide an appropriate and delicate environment to meet with the standards of a first class University in the globe.


Mohammad Ghasem Sahab

Chancellor of Tafresh University